Can Veterans Wear Uniforms in USA?

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What are the Rules Regarding Military Uniforms?

The rules regarding military uniforms vary by service, branch, and rank.

  • Rank: The rank insignia on a military uniform usually indicates the person’s rank. For example, a colonel would wear two stars on their uniform.
  • Service: There are five branches in the US military which include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. All service members must wear their respective uniforms while in uniform.
  • Branch: The Army has different regulations for different branches of service; for example, the Army Infantry wears combat boots with camouflage trousers and a t-shirt with an infantry branch tape on one shoulder.

Who is Allowed to Wear a Military Uniform in USA?

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has strict regulations about who can wear the military uniform. The DOD recognizes the following categories of individuals who are authorized to wear the uniform:

  • Active-Duty Service Members
  • Reserve Components
  • Retired Service Members
  • Sons and Daughters of Military Personnel
  • Civilians Who Work for DOD or a Military Branch
  • Civilians Who Work for a Government Agency Supporting DOD or a Military Branch
  • Dependents of Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired Service Members

Legal Disclaimer for Wearing Military Uniforms

The military uniform is a symbol of pride and commitment to serve. But is it legal to wear military uniforms in civilian life?

In the United States, there are no federal laws that prohibit civilians from wearing military uniforms. However, this might be different depending on the state and the country you live in.

In some states like California, it is illegal for civilians to wear any kind of military uniform or dress that resembles one. The law prohibits civilians from wearing anything that could be mistaken for an official uniform of a public servant. The intent of this law is to prevent people from impersonating law enforcement officers or other officials.

In China and Russia, civilians are not allowed to wear any kind of military uniform at all because they think it will confuse them with members of the armed forces.

The Bottom Line on Wearing a Military Outfit When You’re Not a Vet

For whatever reason, many people opt to wear military clothing. The article concludes that in moderation, it can be okay.

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