Tips for Veterans of North Carolina to Get Their Benefits in 2024


If you are a veteran living in North Carolina, you may be eligible for various benefits and services from the state and federal government. These benefits can help you with education, employment, health care, home loans, tax exemptions, recreation and more. In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to get your […]

Is North Carolina a Good Place for Veterans to Live in 2024?


As 2024 unfolds, many veterans find themselves pondering where to call home after their service. North Carolina emerges as a standout contender, offering a unique blend of resources, opportunities, and community support tailored to those who’ve served in the military. But what makes the Tar Heel State particularly attractive to veterans? From the serene landscapes […]

Veteran HSS: A Beacon of Hope for Homeless Veterans in Durham


In the heart of Durham, a city known for its vibrant community and progressive ideals, lies a pressing issue often overshadowed by urban development: veteran homelessness. Veteran HSS has risen as a pivotal organization dedicated to addressing this issue, providing comprehensive support to those who once served our nation. This article delves into the multifaceted […]

Transforming Lives: Veteran HSS’s Comprehensive Support for Durham’s Veterans


In the heart of Durham, an unspoken story unfolds – the plight of homeless veterans. Veteran HSS stands at the forefront of addressing this crisis, offering a sanctuary of hope and a pathway to stability. This article unfolds the layers of Veteran HSS’s comprehensive support system, illustrating how it significantly changes lives in the veteran […]

Empowering Homeless Veterans Through Job Training

veteranhsss - Empowering Homeless Veterans Through Job Training

For many homeless veterans, the transition back to civilian life presents numerous challenges, chief among them being securing stable employment. Job training programs have emerged as a beacon of hope, playing a crucial role in not only providing these veterans with essential skills but also in significantly improving their quality of life. Veteran HSS, committed […]

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Homeless Veterans in Durham

veteranhss - Addressing the Challenges Faced by Homeless Veterans in Durham

In Durham, NC, like in many other places across the nation, homeless veterans represent one of the most vulnerable segments of our society. As we delve into the plight of these heroes who have bravely served our country, it’s crucial to understand the multifaceted challenges they face upon returning to civilian life. This includes mental […]

Unraveling the Financial Benefits for Veterans in North Carolina

veteran hss - Unraveling the Financial Benefits for Veterans in North Carolina

Veterans, particularly those with disabilities, often face a labyrinth of questions regarding their financial benefits and exemptions. In North Carolina, a state renowned for its veteran-friendly initiatives, understanding these financial landscapes is pivotal for maximizing the benefits available. In this detailed guide, we dissect key questions surrounding the financial benefits that veterans, especially the disabled, […]

Navigating Veteran Living in North Carolina

VETERAN HSS - Navigating Veteran Living in North Carolina

As the home to over 1.2 million veterans, North Carolina garners attention for its efforts to provide a supportive environment for military heroes transitioning to civilian life. Understanding the landscape of benefits, opportunities, and community support is essential for veterans considering calling the Old North State home. In this article, we’ll address some of the […]